About Us

The Wisconsin Eudaimonia Center was incepted in Mount Horeb Wisconsin in 2018.  It is a workshop and retreat-based center devoted to fostering human flourishing through personal growth and self-study. Programs are designed to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance.  We believe growth best occurs in a place of integrated wholeness.

Wellness Coach Tia Fagan

Tia Fagan Conscious Parenting, Conscious Living Coach. Mindfulness, personal growth, self awareness, guided instruction

Tia is a Certified Parent Coach and Conscious Parenting/Living advocate and educator.  She is an active part of the Conscious Parenting/Living movement, creating the change she hopes to see in the world today and for generations to come.
Tia practices living a conscious life with her husband, two teenage daughters, one dog, three cats, one parrot, and four horses in the rural Madison area. 
  • private and group coaching.
  • Conscious Living and Parenting seminars, workshops and retreats.  Serving parents, teachers, teens, individuals and professionals.
  • facilitates Circle Groups to help people access and trust their inner wisdom through various explorations.

Creative Director Angele Mlsna

Angele Mlsna, art instruction, mindfulness, Conscious Living, self awareness, yoga


Angele and her family run Snapdragon Farm & Stables in the Mount Horeb area.  The culture they have built there encourages education and meaningful relationships with horses.  She believes these relationships offer an opportunity to move on a journey of learning, effective communication, partnerships and trust.

Professionally Angele has worked in Radiology since 2000, graduating from UW- Madison.  She is grateful to work in two distinctly different careers at the same time, believing one offers valuable tools for the other.




Contact us at wieudaimonia@gmail.com


The concept of eudaimonic well-being:  The idea that true happiness is found by living a virtuous life and doing what is worth doing.  Exploring, examining, accepting and moving forward through the difficulties all encounter.  Eudaimonia seeks to embrace the hardships, grow in spirit and to flourish as individuals.

We believe so strongly that there is a “shift” happening in society and we want to help facilitate that change in our area.  The importance of connecting with a local community of like-minded individuals is imperative to the success of real change.  The ability to learn, grow and step forward together is such an important piece of the human experience.  A quick glance at history proves this to be true.  So lets build this right here, right now… together.  Come, join the change within.


~Angele and Tia