Workshops & Classes

The Wisconsin Eudaimonia Center offers a variety of workshops and classes for those looking to grow, connect and thrive in their lives.  By teaching in an environment that connects your body, mind and spirit, the most powerful learning is accomplished.  With these workshops we will help you develop skills to flourish in your life.

Workshops can also be tailored in length and content to fit the objectives of any organization, club or gathering.  Explore the individual offerings below for more information on each workshop. Contact us to learn more about having us present a private session for your group.



The Journey Series | Oct/Nov/Dec 2019

Begin your journey to a more mindful and flourishing life by starting with one of these stand alone 3 1/2 hour workshops.  If you have been looking for more in your life and are wondering where to start take your first steps with us.

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Family Inspirations Class | Nov 12, 2019

Explore the power of intention! This fun 2 hour class has you create a vision board with your child. Bring into focus mindful living and goal setting for the coming year.

The Abundance Series | Returning spring 2020

This series of workshops looks to deepen our understanding of how individual views on life create our reality.  Discover how your glass can be half full, even when navigating life’s difficulties.