The Abundance Series | Returning spring 2020

This series of workshops looks to deepen our understanding of how individual views on life create our reality.  When evaluating your life, do you look for the positive or find yourself wondering “why me?”  Discover how your glass can be half full, even when navigating life’s difficulties.  Learn how to identify blocks in your life and how they prevent you from expressing your true self.

Each workshop is a stand alone event.

Click below for detailed descriptions of each class and registration information.


How Full is Your Glass? | spring 2020

In this workshop we explore our individual views of life. Discover how your glass can be half full, even when navigating life’s difficulties. By accessing body, mind, and spirit you will notice deep and lasting shifts in your daily perspective. Go home with the tools to recognize the beauty and bounty in your life.

What’s Holding You Back? | spring 2020

Investigate the patterns that may be blocking you from living the life you dream of. By accessing your body, mind and spirit through yoga, wisdom teachings and creativity we will help you learn how to identify these blocks. Begin to alter your patterns and prevent them from dictating your decisions. Live the life you desire- one of your own design, from this day forward!

Empowerment & Vulnerability | spring 2020

Learn about your True Self and what it means to express it.  Vulnerability is a necessary piece of a flourishing life, yet many struggle to speak their truth.  How do we begin to live what we truly desire?  Explore how you can be both vulnerable and the embodiment of strength at the same time.