How Full is Your Glass? | spring 2020

Do you see the glass half or half empty?  It’s a saying we all know well.  How does your answer to this question shape your experience?  Join us in this 3 1/2 hour workshop that explores your individual view of life.

@ Yoga w/Marca Studio
1505 Springdale Street
Mount Horeb, WI 53572

  • What is your perception of life around you?
  • How does your view shape the world you live in?
  • Do you look for the positive?
  • Do you often find yourself wondering “why me?”  

Discover how your glass can be half full, even when navigating life’s difficulties.  By accessing body, mind, and spirit in this workshop, you will notice deep and lasting shifts in your daily perspective.


Movement – Body
yoga pose forward fold over water 8x10

Through the practice of yoga, Instructor Marca Hughes investigates concepts of abundance. Expansive poses, attentive breathing and appreciation of where you are physically are achieved in this session.

(No prior yoga experience required.)

Wisdom – Mind

apple harvest 8x10

Conscious Living coach Tia Fagan will explore the mindsets we often find ourselves stuck in.  Do you see the abundance in your life or are you overwhelmed with what is missing?  With her supportive and caring instruction you will have the opportunity to participate in discussion and interactive exercises. You will go home with powerful tools to recognize the beauty and bounty in your life.

Creativity – Spirit

aromatherapy 8x10.jpg

Instructor Angele Mlsna will help you reconnect to your creative side with a simple project. This piece will be a daily reminder of the abundance in our life.

(No artistic abilities required!  Projects may vary with each session.)


Each workshop is a stand alone event.
You may receive a discount if you purchase all 3 workshops in the “Abundance Series”.  



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