What’s Holding You Back? | spring 2020

This 3 1/2 hour workshop investigates the patterns that may be blocking you from living the life you dream of.

@ Yoga w/Marca Studio
Mount Horeb, WI 53572

  • Do you notice when you repeat the same unfavorable choices?
  • Are your actions often contrary to your best interest?
  • Do they negatively impact those around you?

By accessing your body, mind and spirit through yoga, wisdom teachings and creativity we will help you learn how to identify these blocks. Begin to alter your patterns and prevent them from dictating your decisions. Live the life you desire- one of your own design, from this day forward!


Movement – Body
yoga pose back bend- fdramatic.jpg

Through the practice of yoga, Instructor Marca Hughes investigates barriers and guides you through liberating poses.  The session is rounded out with a powerful yoga nidra experience.

(No prior yoga experience required.)

Wisdom – Mind

freedom handcuffs 8x10- fdramatic

Conscious Living coach Tia Fagan will explore the mindsets we often find ourselves stuck in.  Can you see when the same mistakes repeat themselves over and over in your life?  With her supportive and caring instruction you will have the opportunity to participate in discussion and interactive exercises. You will go home having put into action powerful tools from Byron Katie and other inspiring mentors.  Image being able to positively change the way you respond to difficult events in your life.

Creativity – Spirit
spirit- origami in hand 11.18.18-001

Instructor Angele Mlsna will help you reconnect to your creative side with a simple project. This piece will be a daily reminder of the freedom we have to choose our actions.  The patterns you have lived up til now in your life can be redirected!

(No artistic abilities required.)

Each workshop is a stand alone event.
You may receive a discount if you purchase all 3 workshops in the “Abundance Series”.



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