The Journey Series | Oct/Nov/Dec 2019

Begin your journey to a more mindful and flourishing life by starting with one of these 3 1/2 hour workshops.  If you have been looking for more in your life and are wondering where to start take your first steps with us.

Each workshop is a stand alone event.

Click below for detailed descriptions of each class and registration information.

Start At The Beginning | Oct 12, 2019

Learn the concepts of yoga, authentic self-care, mindfulness and conscious living. This class is wrapped up with simple creative projects that send participants off with a tangible reminder of what they learned.

Arriving In Community | Dec 7, 2019

Connecting with community is an integral part of a life filled with authenticity, balance and a sense of well-being. Weaving the work of self-study and personal growth into the fabric of humanity, we help you explore your place.